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Firing the Projectile

Code for instantiating projectiles and launching them. Set up your prefab objects for the launcher and the projectile. Code to fire the projectile and hit enemies.

AI Navigation

Programming "agents" in your game to navigate autonomously.

AI Ram the Player

Coding the enemies to ram the player, and send to the "Game Over" scene.

AI Aim and Shoot at a Target

Program an AI agent to aim at a target and fire projectiles at it.

Player Health Tracking

Deduct health from the player, and go to a "game over" scene when your health goes to zero.

Export from TinkerCad into Unity

Create 3D objects in TinkerCad for export into Unity.

Creating a 2D Platformer Game

Use the built in Unity Standard Assets to create a 2D platformer game.

Pick up a Key, Open a Door

Code for a player picking up some kind of "key" object, and carrying it around to unlock a "door" to advance to the next area.

Online Unity Education Resources

CourseDuck's list of online Unity education resources: https://www.courseduck.com/programming/unity/