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Due to our limited space in downtown Toronto, storage at STEAMLabs is a scarce resource. We’ve also noticed that without a good system, unused materials and abandoned projects quickly accumulate in the lab.

As a result, we’re developing a system that encourages short term storage, and discourages unnecessary long term storage.

All storage must be registered with staff, and no materials can be stored without registration. There are multiple storage options ranging from personal 'shoeboxes' to larger project storage.

What’s included in your membership?

The basic Personal Storage Box option is a 6L plastic 'shoebox' bin, at $3/month, upon request. This $3 fee is waived for community members (not supporting members) All other storage options are an additional fee beyond the monthly membership fee for your tier of membership.

What storage can I purchase?

There are multiple paid (regular and flat) storage options available at monthly rates that can be added to your membership.

When you sign up for any of these paid storage options, the first week is free. Which means that the first auto-pay occurs one week after you register to store your items. If you remove your stored items within the one week time period, your storage contract will be cancelled and you won’t be charged anything.

Personal Storage Options:

  • Small (6L) Box @ $3 / month (waived for community members)
  • Medium (15L) Box @ $8 / month
  • Large (45L) Box @ $15 / month

Project Storage Options:

  • Underbench Storage - Half (28”x14”x32”) @ $20 / week
  • Underbench Storage - Full (56”x14”x32”) @ $35 / week
  • Flat Shelf Storage - Half (48”x24”x2”) @ $5 / week
  • Flat Shelf Storage - Full (48”x48”x2”) @ $10 / week
  • Pro Workbenches @ $30 / day

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I register my items for storage or cancel them when I remove them?

Notify a staff member in person. Make sure that your storage box, workbench, or shelf has your full name and member number clearly marked.

What about if I’m just leaving something overnight? (e.g. clamping a project while it sets?)

We still require that it be registered. Drying racks (beside the freight elevator) are available for temporary overnight storage, but still requires that members label their projects/materials with their name and the date.

What about my larger projects that don’t fit in the storage options?

We are working to provide a larger storage option soon! Spadina/Queen Self Storage is a close-by alternative for large storage.

Will I get notified when my first free week is coming to an end?

We’re working on this, but at this stage our registration system doesn’t have that feature. For now, remember to set your own reminder when you’ve stored your item!

What happens if I don’t want to store my materials?

Members are responsible for all of their own materials. If at the end of your work session or project you are left with surplus material, you must dispose of it or take it with you.