Send Data to IFTTT to Spreadsheet Example

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Particle has a great tutorial on this:

Publish an event from your Particle chip:

Particle.publish("MoistureData", 2184);

Next, add the recipe in IFTTT.

We found that one small change to their example makes your data more easily managed in Google sheets. This small change merges the date and time fields into one DATETIME field so that you can chart your data day to day.

By default, IFTTT does not insert date time values with the CreatedAt value as proper google sheets data. It just appears as a text string that Google sheets. This makes it hard to interpret it as data for a chart. Use this

Paste the following line into the Formatted Row box:

=DATEVALUE(SUBSTITUTE("{{CreatedAt}}"," at ", " "))+TIMEVALUE(SUBSTITUTE("{{CreatedAt}}"," at ", " "))|||{{EventContents}}. 

This line makes separate columns for the date, time, and the event contents sent by your particle chip.

IFTTT Data Logging.png