Robotic Power System Activity Guide

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The Power System activity is designed to help teachers bring


Parts and materials to obtain:


  • Computer(s)
  • Soldering iron and soldering supplies
  • 3D Printer

For the 3D printer, we recommend Ultimaker or Printrbot. Both companies make very good quality printers, consistently scoring near the top in Make Magazine's 3D Printer tests. Ultimaker is more expensive, but is also easier to use and maintain.


The Particle Photon does not put out enough electrical current to directly power the motors. The motor driver board is required to amplify the Particle's output and power the motor(s).

Craft supplies

  • Glue guns
  • Recycled materials such as cardboard tubes, boxes, plastic cases
  • Craft foam for colour details
  • Foamcore sheet for the base
  • Duct tape
  • Any other craft materials you like!