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Internet of Things Teaching Kit

The goal of this teaching kit is to enable anyone to create Internet of Things Robots! Digital literacy is an important topic that everyone should learn. Our world is increasingly build out of devices that are programmed. If you don’t know how to create them, you are stuck only being able to consume other people’s ideas. This kit was made possible through support from the Canadian Internet Registration Authority’s (CIRA) Community Investment Program.

Web Page as Remote Control Example

One of the most common tasks is to build a web page that sends signals to the Particle board to activate functions.

Particle sending message to Web Page

In this example, the particle photon board sends events to the particle cloud. The web page subscribes to these events, and updates itself.

Web Page Scoreboard Examples

These examples show how a web page can act as a score board for a Particle-controlled game. The particle photon sends events to the particle cloud. The web page subscribes to these events on the cloud, and updates the scoreboard accordingly.

Simple Scoreboard: Simple Web Scoreboard Example

Advanced Scoreboard: Web Page Scoreboard Example

Web Page Variable Viewer

A web page can be set up to show the current state of cloud-exposed variables on the Particle. Useful for monitoring the state of sensors.

Send Data to IFTTT to Spreadsheet Example

If This Then That is a flexible, graphical system for combining triggers (the "If") with actions ("That"). There are a wide range of triggers and actions, and in this example, data from the Particle is sent to IFTTT and then stored in a Google Spreadsheet.

Using Libraries with Particle Photon

Particle has it's own system for including libraries into Arduino code.

Code Examples using Particle Libraries

Temperature Sensor Dallas DS18B20

Project Examples

"I Made Something" button - Particle to Particle to Thingspeak communication

"Stranger Things" alphabet sign

Greenhouse Controls

Bulbaderp Game

Toilet Garden

Scoreboard with HTML sections for layout, and CSS for size and positioning:

Test your strength display screen: