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Welcome to STEAMLabs!

We've begun to compile this cheat sheet for beginners, to help get you going. We're going to continue adding more info as it comes up, so please do check back here regularly! (You'll also get notifications on Slack when edits are made in the #Wiki channel)

Membership Agreement

Please reference our current comprehensive Membership Agreement that all new members must sign onto (effective May 2018)

Open Hours

Monday - Friday 10am-10pm Saturday 10am-10pm Sunday 10am-8pm


MindBody Online

This is the software we use for all transactions – memberships, workshops, classes, tool use, everything. You should have an account password from when you signed up initially. If not, there's a 'forgot password' option in the top right underneath the login boxes.

MindBody Online


Slack is a team messaging platform – it's the main place where we all talk to each other. And it's the fastest way to get a hold of staff. It's also how we keep you update on what tools are out of order, or if there's any sudden changes in our open hours.

The best way to use it, is to download the app(s) on your mobile, and also on your desktop, if you'd like. If you don't want to be notified all the time, we recommend changing your notifications to "Only Direct Messages & Highlight Words", so that you only get pinged when people are trying to get in contact with you specifically: Slack Notifications

If you haven't received an invitation to join Slack by email, let Danielle know ( and she'll send you one.

If you remember making an account, but can't remember how to get back in, you can search your inbox for a slack invite, or try using this page to find your account (and our team): Find your Slack Account

The Wiki

You're reading the wiki right now. It's a resource that members are welcome to use, add to, and edit. It's constantly growing and evolving, and you're welcome to add content at any time. If you're unsure, you're welcome to ask us on Slack. Though the point of the Wiki resource is for it to be made by members, for members, so that the content of the tool works for the people using it. So please don't hesitate!

If you've never edited a Wiki, and are unsure, here's somewhere to start: Getting Started Wiki

Booking Tools

Here is the wiki page for Tools and Equipment: Equipment & Tools

And within that, is a wiki page for booking tool use: Booking Tools

Purchasing Materials

Members are welcome to purchase items we typically have in stock (including wood, acrylic, cardboard, and electronics). They must also pay for the use of any 3D printer filament (PLA / ABS / other).

Please visit our member retail purchases form :

By entering the purchase on this form, you agree to process the payment using the credit card we have on file for your membership. STEAMLabs staff will process transactions submitted through this form at least bi-weekly


Check out the Storage Pricing & Policies page.