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1. Take the flat material you're looking for up to the welcome desk and ask the staff on duty to charge you for it. You will be charged however many useable square feet are in the piece.

2. Once you're done lasering, take any potentially useable remaining pieces back to the welcome desk. The staff will assess what is useable.

3. Member removes all unusable pieces by hand or with the dremel saw. (We can show you how to operate this!)

4. Staff refunds you and puts material back in to stock.

5. Any remaining pieces will need to be either removed from the lab, or put in to paid lab storage.

5a. For pieces that are removed from the lab – all wood and acrylic needs to be put in the rubbish dumpster in the back alley (access through Cameron street exit). If you have small pieces, they can be placed in the general rubbish bin in the lab. Cardboard and paper waste can go in to the recycling dumpster.

5b. For paid lab storage, place your name on your sheet of material, and consult a staff member about finding a spot in the storage rack in the CNC room. The first month of storage is free, and then fees kick in at the second month. These are $2/month for pieces that are less than six square feet and $3/month for pieces that are more than six square feet.

Note: No flat materials, should be left anywhere in the lab other than in a designated storage area. There is always left over materials that 'could be used for something', but we not only produce far more of these cut offs than we consume, we simply do not have space for them at the lab.


Acrylic 3mm White Opaque square foot None / None $6.06

 Acrylic Clear 3mm (per sq ft)  	None / None	               $5.19
 Acrylic Smoke Translucent (per sq ft)   	None / None	$7.81
 Acrylic, Blue #2648 (per sq ft)  	None / None	               $7.81
 Acrylic, Clear 3mm (wavy dp32) (per sq ft)  	               $9.19
 Acrylic, Clear 6mm (per sq ft)  	None / None                   $10.38
 Acrylic, Florescent green #9093 (per sq ft)  	                $12.25
 Acrylic, Florescent pink #9095 (per sq ft)  	                $12.25
 Acrylic, Green #2108 (per sq ft)  	None / None	        $7.81
 Acrylic, Mirror silver (per sq ft)  	None / None                   $13.75
 Acrylic, Opaque Black (per sq ft)  	None / None	        $6.06
 Acrylic, Orange #2119 (per sq ft)  	None / None	        $7.81
 Acrylic, pink #3199 (per sq ft)  	None / None	                $7.81
 Acrylic, purple #2287 (per sq ft)  	None / None	        $7.81
 Acrylic, Red #2157 (per sq ft)  	None / None	                $7.81
 Acrylic, Yellow #2037 (per sq ft)  	None / None	        $7.81


 1/4" Birch Plywood (per sq foot)  	None / None	$2.00
 1/4" Mahogany Plywood (per sq ft)  	None / None	$1.00
 1/8" Oak Plywood (per sq ft)  	None / None	$2.00