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mkrasny [10:46]

If this is helpful… here are my notes from class:

  • Turn key on
  • Air compressor on
  • Press escape
  • Use arrows to move lasers
  • Decide where you want material and then move laser to top left of material
  • Put magnets down - not together
  • Focus the laser using laser tool - untwist thing and move down so it's just above the focus tool so you can still hear the air
  • Program is lasercut 5.3
  • Dxf filetype (in mm)
  • Import file
  • Click blue button to zoom out to bed
  • Immediate setting-top left of laser is at top left of your image
  • (Speed - how fast laser follows shape)
  • (Power- intensity of the beam)
  • Upper right double click panel to edit settings
  • Adding values for cut vs etch - assign different power settings to each layer selected by color
  • Turn on chiller
  • Turn on fan
  • Download last thing:
  • Del al
  • Download current
  • Run box shows where it's going to cut