Laser Cutting with Fusion 360

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Fusion 360 is an advanced modeling software created by Autodesk. It's also free for students and hobbyist to use (check latest license details)! [1]

Tutorials on Using Fusion 360 for Laser Cutting
  • Getting started with Fusion 360: [2]
  • Exporting to DXF files: [3]
  • Sample project, Laptop stand tutorial: [4]

Special Notes for the STEAMlabs Laser Cutter

Unfortunately STEAMlabs laser cutter software does not support for the latest DXF files that Fusion 360 exports. To be able to load the DXF on the laser cutter software, you will need to convert the DXF files to an older version, R14 or LT98.

Known software that can convert DXF files to an earlier version:

  • Illustrator (CS2 installed on all STEAMLabs computers)
  • ABViewer by CAD Soft Tools
  • Corel Draw
Illustrator CS2 Instructions

1. Export your file from Fusion 360 in inches. Change units in this dialog box:


2. Make a new document in Illustrator. Your document setup units must be in millimeters.

3. Use File -> Place to import the DXF from Fusion 360 Note: Sometimes Illustrator gets the units confused and imports it too big due to unit conversion problems. If your import looks way too small, select this when importing: Artwork Scale: Scale By 3.94%

2016-10-19 14 54 46-DXF DWG Options.png (Note that 3.94% is the difference between inches and millimeters)

4. Export DXF as R14, and select the option to Outline Text if you have any text.

Illustrator CS2 DXF Export.png