How to Book Tools Online (CNC & Laser)

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Tools can be booked in 30 minute increments. Laser is $5/30min & CNC is $10/30min. Woodshop access is currently not charged, but still requires an appointment. You can book it weeks in advance, or immediately when you’re in the shop (if it’s not already booked).

Follow these steps to book:

  1. If you haven’t already, make a personal account in our MindBody software platform by clicking “Sign up” in the top right hand corner and filling in your details.
    1. Note that you cannot book tool time with the Mindbody app, you must use the website
  2. Once logged in, it’s easiest to click on the “MY INFO” tab and insert your billing info (credit card details) in to the “billing information” section, if it’s not already there. This will make it super easy for you to book or buy materials from us in the future without having to re-enter your info. If you’re a member, there’s a good chance your billing info might already be in there.
  3. Click on the “APPOINTMENTS” tab
  4. Click “tool use” and wait for the page to refresh
  5. Click “browse appointment schedule” on the top right
  6. Click on “week” in the top right to see the entire week of options, and then use the arrow keys to navigate to the day you want.
  7. Click on the time you’d like to start using the tool.
  8. In the next screen, you can adjust the amount of time (30min-2 hours) and the start time (the end time will auto-change depending on the time period).
  9. Select “book appointment” when you’re ready, and proceed to check out.

Use the code MemberLaser to claim your first 2 hours per month of laser time as included in membership.

Use the code MemberCNC to claim your first 2 hours per month of laser time as included in membership.