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Standard Operating Procedure: Laser cutter

  • Select material (No more than half inch thick)
  • Secure material to bed using magnets
  • Turn on laser (key turn, if no key, dont’ use laser)
  • Wait for laser to go to top-right corner
  • Laser may not hit limit switch, if it makes a banging noise press red button and call staff
  • Press esc on laser
  • Move laser to top-left of where you want to cut
  • Make sure to be careful to conserve materials
  • Turn on air compressor (bottom right side of laser, power bar
  • Ensure air flow from nozzle
  • Use focus tool to focus the laser beam
  • Open Laser Cut 5.3 on the computer
  • File -Import
  • Do not use file open. See “troubelshooting files” if it doesn’t open.
  • Set etching/cutting and speed. See speeds cutting guide.
  • Download
  • See “troubleshooting” if there is a “soft dog error” or “cann’t connect” error
  • Click “Run box” and see if it is where you want
  • Close the lid of the laser
  • Turn on the fan (light switch to the right)
  • Press “start” on the control panel OR on the machine
  • Do not leave the room at any time when the laser is on.