Adhesion Issues

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How to fix 3d printer adhesion issues


  • First layer is not sticking.
    • PLA sticks very well to green or blue painter's tape (masking tape).
      • Evenly cover the build platform in painter's tape ensuring there aren't any gaps or overlaps.
    • Sometimes dust accumulates on the tape and prevents adhesion.
      • Use a rag dampened with acetone to clean the tape surface and remove the dust.
    • The printer is out of calibration in the starting Z height
      • Recalibrate it!
    • Try slowing down the first layer
    • Try using a better slicing program
    • Try a printer with a heated build platform
  • Your part is warping and pulling the tape off of the build platform.
    • You've reached the limitations of what the printer can do.
      • PLA likes to warp on large flat parts, maybe consider a different digital fabrication method like laser cutting or CNC routing.
      • You can try to print without a raft.
      • Try a printer with a heated build platform.
      • Create a better surface on the build platform for the tape to stick to.